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Backpack—also called rucksack, knapsack, or schoolbag, Common types in our daily life include travel backpacks, laptop backpacks, and hiking backpacks, and can also be divided into school backpacks and adult backpacks according to the age of the user. 

As an excellent Chinese backpack manufacturer, Weihan offers backpacks custom wholesale backpacks in bulk. Our customer groups include backpack vendors and Amazon backpacks seller in various countries. For some backpack brands that need to purchase cheap backpacks from China, Weihan is your best backpack supplier choice.
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As a bag manufacturer in China, we focused on wholesale and custom tote bags, makeup bag, canvas bag,shopping bags backpacks, duffel bag etc. 
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Things you need to know when you wholesale backpack with China backpack vendor

1. Wholesale cartoon character backpacks-- Brand's game

Cartoon characters are popular with children, and Disney's backpack is a typical carton character backpack. Children's schoolbags have Disney cartoon images printed on their backpacks, such as Mickey and Snow White, Influenced by Disney culture, other characters like Spider-Man, and Iron Man, Japanese animation, and other characters are also very common on children's backpacks. Most of these are authorized by the owners of character companies like Disney to distributors or manufacturers, and they are used to manufacture and sell the backpack. Brands like Disney are rarely involved in every step of the way, They are busy counting money, For the personal sellers, we can't sell the character backpack.

2. Wholesale leisure sports backpacks--The most competitive backpack

Most leisure sports backpacks are used by adults when they go out for short trips or hiking weekends. It is sports backpacks, and hiking backpacks, among which there is more professional backpack called hydration backpacks.

Leisure sports backpacks are the most common of all types of backpacks, the market is big enough for thousands of manufacturers in China. So this type of backpack is also the most competitive. For Most China backpack manufacturers, the sports backpack order hardly to margin reasonable profit. Chinese manufacturers have moved their factories to places where manpower is cheap again and again. Only to reduce the production cost of this kind of backpack. For Chinese backpack manufacturers, most of the orders for this kind of backpack are only to retain customers and to maintain relationships with their customers. And for a retailer, wholesaler sports backpacks to sell in their country also need some courage. There are too many competitors entering the market first.

3. Wholesale clear backpack bulk and cotton backpack- the cheap backpack

Of all the backpack types, if we need to find the cheapest backpack, it must be one of the cotton backpacks or the transparent backpack. These two types of backpacks are generally made of cheap materials like cotton fabric or PVC, there all have simple inter structures, fewer layers, and most time, use cheap zipper accessories. Wholesale the Cheap cotton backpack, can sell to the undeveloped area.

The clear backpack also called a transparent backpack, transparent backpacks are more liked by young people. Young girls like this kind of special-looking backpack to show their differences. In some areas of the United States, due to the proliferation of guns, some schools will force students to use transparent backpacks, this year, some big sports brand catch this trend, they brought to the market a sophisticated-looking transparent backpack, available from both Nike and Adidas, but it was still a niche option.

4. Wholesale laptop backpacks-- The most business backpack

Laptop backpacks are probably the only backpacks you can bring into an office without feeling uncomfortable. Due to its appearance being business enough, the user looks like a computer industry working with a laptop on his back. We have received some laptop backpack custom orders, with a new design appearance, they look the same: with a single color scheme, a square shape, mainly black and gray. The laptop needs to look "business", so it can be sold. Maybe the laptop backpacks manufactured by us or some other China bag manufacturer end up in the hands of programmers.

5. Wholesale military backpacks--The most profitable backpack 

Military backpacks are the most worth investing in backpacks, I am talking about the profit of wholesale military backpacks, for our manufacturers, military backpacks are a nightmare, with the most complex structure, and the strictest quality inspection.
Military backpacks generally have a huge appearance and volume, some military backpacks up to 60-80L. In contrast, ordinary sports and leisure backpacks are only about 18L. In addition to their large size, military backpacks generally have a complex structure, such as more separation areas, more Pockets, and on functions: military backpacks also need camouflage, waterproofing, and other special requirements.

The other day I have received a military backpack inquiry from Australia, they need bulletproofing, which is hard for us, military backpacks have strict quality requirements. Bigger, more complex, more features, tighter quality, all of this pushes up the cost and selling price of military backpacks, and the large enough base also allows importers and retailers of wholesale custom military backpacks to make enough profits. 

6. Wholesale leather backpacks--The most prospect backpack business

Another expensive backpack is the leather backpack, which is also the type of backpack that has the most apparent and can best express a brand's style. Other backpacks pay more attention to functionality, as a tool bag, but the leather backpack generally focused on appearance, Among the backpacks, only leather backpacks are favored by many big names, so only leather backpack can be called a premium backpack, Leather backpack includes artificial leather such as PU, and also includes genuine leather such as cowhide and sheepskin, judging from our bag production orders, most of the backpack is made of PU material, and the genuine leather is mostly used in the backpacks of Gucci, MICHAEL KORS, Coach and other famous brands.
We are most optimistic about leather backpacks. This is also from the perspective of business. In the past decade, most of our customers engaged in the leather bag business have been growing, and their brands can continue to grow. Its success is inseparable from the leather backpack positioning of the company, the customer base is relatively high-end, and the product and brand can obtain a sufficient premium, they can continue to launch leather backpack products with novel appearances or interaction with other industry brands.

WeiHan focused on producing various kinds of bags for 20 years, include the handbags, tote bags, backpacks, makeup bags, our company have get the ISO9001, SGS, BSCI, Sedex certifications.
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