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2023 Diaper Bag Essentials List And Best Packing Tips Guide

weihanbag  December 5, 2022

When going out with your baby, a diaper bag is an essential and wise choice for moms and dads. A good diaper bag can make your trip and your baby more enjoyable. However, most new parents need a better strategy for packing their diaper bags.

Our guide will help you learn what to pack in your diaper bag, the nine essentials, extras, and six super practical tips for packing them. As a professional diaper bag supplier, we also offer various services for custom wholesale diaper bags. Now, pick more diaper bags for parents!

What to pack in a diaper bag

Diaper bag essentials

  • Diapers

As a rule of thumb, you generally need to change a diaper in about two hours when you go out, and you should have about 10-12 diapers ready for a day out. But in some cases, you will need to carry more diapers for emergencies, such as newborns who pee and poop a lot or longer trips.

  • Wet Wipes

The uses of wet wipes are very diverse, not just for diaper changes but also for cleaning your baby's face and hands. To prevent possible accidents while out and about, it is recommended to bring a full pack of wipes, more if you can, and if you don't have enough space, you can carry travel-size wipes.

  • Diaper Rash Cream

Babies' skin is very sensitive and fragile, and even if you have been very careful, diaper rash can still occur. Always carrying a tube of diaper rash cream in the diaper bag can be the perfect solution to this situation and make your baby's bottom less painful, space wise you can use a travel-size tube which is enough for emergencies.

  • Portable changing pad

First, determine if your diaper bag contains a changing pad. If not, configuring a collapsible changing pad is a no-brainer. You can also consider whether to invest in additional collapsible changing pads depending on the size and portability of your diaper bag, so you can easily change diapers anywhere.

  • Burp Cloths

Burp cloths, bibs, or towels in a diaper bag that you are more accustomed to using. Bringing along a burp cloth or two can be an effective way to deal with panic when your baby spits up or spills food, protect your baby's clean clothes, and also be used to wipe their mouth.

  • Waterproof bag and poop bag

Waterproof bags can be separated from wet clothes to ensure that other items in the diaper bag are not disturbed. Spare change of clothes and wet off clothes can be put inside, so prepare more than one. The use of poop bags can be a good barrier to odours, and it is recommended to bring a roll to hold discarded diapers, towels, and clothing.

  • Changing clothes

Prepare a change of clothes for the baby and mom or dad. It's not just the need for overnight stays; a baby poop explosion is unpredictable timing. Circumstances also allow for bringing a few pairs of socks and slippers, which help you feel comfortable holding your baby in your arms.

  • Band-Aids

Band-aid is the most commonly used first aid essential medical supply and is highly recommended to carry. After all, it is suitable for a number of accidental injury scenarios. Also, portable does not take up space. You know it is common for toddlers to bruise their knees or arms.

  • Food

For babies, infants need to be prepared with formula, and older children can bring light snacks and a straw water cup. For parents, caring for children is a physical task; prepare some high-protein snacks and plenty of water to replenish your energy.

Diaper bag extras

  • Pacifiers

Younger babies are more dependent on pacifiers, and preparing some clean pacifiers can stabilize your baby.

  • Toys

Prepare some of your baby's favourite toys or entertainment books to help them focus while changing diapers. If your baby is not interested in going places, playing with toys can help them pass the time.

  • Hats

The hat is the baby's seasonal essential fashion item. It is used in the summer to withstand the hot sun and in the winter to withstand the cold wind.

  • Blankets

Blankets can be used as a stroller car cover to better protect your child from the weather, as well as pyjamas, mats, etc.

  • Nursing covers and nursing pads

Nursing pads prevent the embarrassment of spilt milk and wet shirts. The nursing cover can protect privacy while breastfeeding and can be used as a blanket to cover the stroller when not in use for easy portability.

  • Wallets

Suppose you don't want to carry a separate purse. Putting your phone keys in your wallet and then putting your wallet in your diaper bag can free your hands to focus on your baby better.

  • Others

Bring all the extras that will help you according to your personal needs and preferences, handwash, sunscreen, insecticide, reusable placemats, Nasal aspirator, etc.

Six Tips for packing your diaper bag

We already know what goes in a diaper bag. However, how to organize a perfect diaper bag for various outing scenarios requires strategy. Next, you'll read six practical tips for packing and organizing your diaper bag.

Choose a powerful functional diaper bag

While you may think an old duffel bag or school bag can hold diapers, choosing a proper diaper bag is much more than just easy organization. With more consideration for the needs of babies and parents, the diaper bag is designed with multiple easy-to-sort compartments, a spacious, clear view, a self-changing pad, a matching wallet, a cell phone USB charging cable, and more, choosing the right diaper bag saves you a lot of thought in packing.

Aggregate by category

Packing is never a simple matter of throwing various supplies inside. The best way to prevent having a messy and crowded diaper bag is to start with the small items in your diaper bag and organize them by category. Put pacifiers, bottles, and other food in a pocket, diapers and diaper pads in a compartment pack clothes and towels in waterproof bags, and organize by category to help you find what you want quickly.

Pre-portioned for each bottle

Older children may not need it as much, but formula and bottled breast milk can take up a lot of space in your diaper bag when you're out and about with your infant. Our advice is to pre-mix the ratio of formula to water, configure the amount of formula per bag and water per bottle, and store them separately. Bottled breastmilk is best kept in its own cooler bag to maintain quality.

Make a good leak-proof

I'm sure you don't want the disaster of opening the diaper bag and finding water, sunscreen, and other liquids that make your bag wet. Leak-proofing your diaper bag is especially important when organizing it. Check those containers of water bottles, sunscreen, etc., are tightened, put them in waterproof bags, and stop worrying about extensive leaks at all times.

Clean up and replenish

A diaper bag is not a single-use item, and you'll often take it out with you. Wash your change of clothes, and used bottles, take inventory of consumed supplies in a timely manner after each trip home, and make sure you replenish them in a timely manner, especially diapers. One trick is to pack some combinations according to the seasons, such as sunscreen and a fisherman's hat in summer and a scarf and wool hat in winter, so you can change them less frequently according to the seasons.

No overuse of space

It's always good to plan ahead, but take into account your ability to bear to avoid carrying a heavy "mountain" running around, in addition to essential supplies and other selective additions according to the situation. For tubes of diaper rash cream, sunscreen, baby cream, etc., we always recommend bringing a small sample. Do not overdo it.

Wholesale Suitable Diaper Bag Products

Here are some diaper bag styles for easy packing and organizing, each of which is popular with consumers. Wholesalers can achieve huge sales while enhancing brand influence through customized services. Now there are limited-time discounts for wholesale diaper bags!

It can hold all the necessities and can also be used as a daily backpack, shoulder bag, hospital bag, etc., to meet the needs of different scenarios. The pacifier case and portable changing mat keep it organized.

Multiple pockets with large space, two-way zipper closure, and three thermal insulation bags for carrying milk or breast milk. Multiple interior pockets and a matching detachable wallet to store your keys.

Three carrying methods to meet your travel needs. The detachable shoulder strap can be used as a backpack, handbag, or shoulder bag and can also be perfectly hung on the stroller.

Felt diaper tote with open mouth for multi-size items, large storage space, multi-pocket design, and bright colours.

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