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Things you need know about clear backpacks

weihanbag  November 12, 2021

What is a clear bags

In fashion, of course, clear backpacks are nothing new, with the Lucite clutches first introduced in the 1950s and ‘60s — not the same as the current PVC version it was all about “Plastics.”

-1950s Lucite Purses

From the 1990s, this bag full of unique popular fashion styles began to be popular among teenagers, all kinds of PVC clear backpacks rush to market and hold to the present.

What is the benefits of using clear backpacks

There are so many kinds of clear backpacks on the market. In addition to being liked by young people because of their individuality, the government and schools are also the driving force behind them. They regard this as a kind of Solution to Gun Violence. In 2018, after the spring break, the students of Marjory Stoneman High School received a new "safe" product, and their school district launched a clear backpack. The backpack made of plastic is distributed to every student, and now everyone must wear it. Their purpose is to ensure that no one can sneak a gun into the campus.

But this also brought a number of different voices, the most serious of which is privacy and the risk of theft and robber.

Many students complain that this policy makes them lack privacy. Some teachers and students say that the mandatory implementation of a clear backpack policy will make the school feel like a "prisoner." And this is unfair to some specific groups, such as girls carrying hygiene products or students carrying personal medicines. At the same time, some parents are also worried that clear backpacks will put their children at great risk of being stolen and robbed. After all, clear backpacks allow their children's belongings to be clearly visible.

Students in many places have expressed protest against the clear backpack policy, included the Survivors of the deadly school shooting in Florida.

-A student poses with her new bag

Who sells clear backpacks

According to our 20 years of experience in the production and customization of clear backpacks, almost all bag brands engaged in the backpack industry have launched clear backpack products before, and almost all online and offline markets have clear backpack sales.

sport brandAdidasNike, champion, FILA, Kappa
bag brandCourtesy West Elm, Herschel
Luxury brandLouis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Coach
market/storeWalmart, Target, Office Depot
online shippingAmazon, Ebey, target, staples

where to buy clear a backpack

Although there are many brands and stores that have clear backpacks, they are not always selling them. Many brands have only sold various clear backpacks for a certain event or a special period of time.

  1. From our current experience, sports brands and brands in the bag industry have basically always sold clear backpacks, such as Nike and Adidas, Herschel, Office Depot. But the strange thing is that their offline stores are not always in stock, maybe to save the store area and leave more windows and display spaces for products with higher profit. I have learned many times that many Nike stores only have a clear backpack, which is placed next to the most conspicuous model.


2. The clear backpacks ranked by luxury goods are generally out of stock. They make clear backpacks as if they are just chasing fashion points or making a gimmick. The shortage of stock clear backpacks also generates a premium situation, which is much higher than the price when it lunches into the market.

Louis Vuitton

Michael Kors

  1. So if you want to buy a clear backpack urgent, I suggest you choose to go online store. After all, Amazon and eBay are open 24 hours a day. Their product classification and display recommendations can also directly bring you a completely clear backpack world.
  2. Another good choice is Walmart. Although their online store is behind Amazon, there are hundreds of backpacks that are enough for you to choose a suitable one.
  3. If you have a soft spot for a certain brand, you can generally find out through their website. Most of the brand stores can directly order online. If you are not very confident about their delivery time, you can also use them to query the nearest store address on the website, and go directly to the store to buy. And their store addresses are generally also introduced on the website. Here I take the office depot brand as an example. You can find the nearest store like me.

clear backpack near me

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