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With 20 years of experience and a professional team, Weihanbag specializes in designing and manufacturing custom EVA cases in various shapes and sizes to meet your needs. Whether it's for electronics, tools, eyewear, medical devices, or other items, we can provide the best solution tailored to your requirements!
Creative Design in 2 Days
Fast Delivery in 10 Days
Lower MOQ,Factory-Direct Price
Custom Fabrics, Colors, Shapes Etc.
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Discover EVA Cases Solutions for Your Specific Market

Create personalized EVA cases that offer top-tier protection for your belongings while enhancing your distinctive brand identity


Protect delicate medical equipment with our custom EVA cases. Ideal for storing respiratory masks, glucose meters, and other essential devices.

Game Accessories

Shield your gaming gear in style! Game Custom Eva Bags provide ultimate protection for controllers, headsets, and consoles, perfect for travel or storage.

Sports & Outdoors

Durable Sports & Outdoors Custom EVA Bags for all adventures. Designed to protect gear like camping essentials, hiking equipment, sports gear with ease.

Tools & Gadgets

Secure your gear in style with our custom EVA bags. Perfect for keeping electronics and tools safe and organized on the go


Preserve your beauty treasures with flair. Our Beauty Custom Eva Bags are crafted for cosmetics, skincare, and tools, ensuring secure storage and convenient travel.


Safeguard delicate electronics with our tailored EVA pouches, perfect for safeguarding devices like cameras, drones, and small gadgets.
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What Makes Us Different from Other Manufacturers?

Precision Craftmanship

We integrate ISO9001 standards into every production process, including sewing, manual assembly, special zipper techniques, molding, and more. Through customized EVA case samples, you can vividly experience the quality of our craftsmanship.

Raw Material

Discover the superior quality of our Eva Bag Material. Its texture is smooth yet sturdy, offering exceptional durability to protect your valuables. Designed with style in mind, our bags combine functionality with fashion, ensuring your belongings are both safe and chic.

Custom Eva Case Design

Our expertise lies in creating Custom EVA cases that elevate your brand. Share your design concepts, and let's collaborate to produce a premium EVA case that reflects your brand identity.

Can't Find Out Your Ideal Bags?

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Wide Range of Custom Foam Insert Selections

We offer a wide range of foam material options, including custom EVA foam, sponge foam, EPE foam, and more. Consult us for the best foam choice.

EVA foam, made of ethylene and vinyl acetate copolymer, is a lightweight and versatile material used in various industries for padding, insulation, and cushioning in products like sports gear, packaging, and flooring..
EPE foam, or expanded polyethylene foam, is a lightweight, flexible material used for packaging, insulation, and cushioning in industries such as electronics, automotive, and sports.
Sponge foam, a soft and absorbent material, is commonly used for cushioning, soundproofing, and insulation in industries like automotive, construction, and furniture

Precisely Build Whatever Shape You Need

Cnc Routed Cutting


Die Cut

Laser Cut

Exterior & Interior Design

#1 Custom Fabric Selcetions

Our Custom EVA Bag Material options elevate your brand with premium quality, offering a range of textures, colors, and finishes. Enhance your brand's image with durable, stylish bags that reflect your unique identity and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

#2 Interior Pocket Designs

We excel at meeting varied customer functional needs. Choose from a range of pocket configurations to ensure optimal organization, providing tailored solutions for every requirement.

#3 Logo Styles

Having trouble finding the perfect way to showcase your logo on your custom EVA cases? We provide a variety of techniques like embossing, debossing, silk screen printing, and more to meet your specific needs. Let us assist you in elevating your brand with our customizable options.

#4 Zipper Options

Empower your brand with customizable zipper options tailored to your unique needs. Choose from a range of materials including metal, nylon, resin, and rubber zippers to enhance both aesthetics and functionality. Elevate your product presentation and meet specific requirements with our versatile zipper customization services.
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What is Your Order Process?

Step 01: Inital inquiry &Design

Step 02: Manufacturing

Step 03: Quality Inspection

Step 04: Shipping


Here are some cases that show how we help our customers fulfill their orders and make them happy with our Eva Bags.
“Weihan bag delivered outstanding results in creating our custom tool cases! They care about details, such as fabric selection, interior lining, precision-cut foam inserts, etc. I was amazed at their expertise. Throughout the whole process, their understanding of our requirements is truly impressive! 

Santos Milans

Brand Owner
“Collaborating with Weihanbag on our carrying case was incredibly smooth. Their meticulous approach to design and material selection yielded a case that not only looks great but also functions flawlessly. The tailored EVA foam inserts provided impeccable protection for our sensitive electronics. 

Maltilde Marrianska

“From weihan's robust EVA material to meticulously designed foam inserts and compartment layouts, every aspect impressed me. Moreover, the seamless project execution was characterized by efficient cutting processes, rapid turnaround times, and effective communication. 

Christi Hext

Amazon Shop Owner

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Discover the perfect protection for your products with our customizable Eva Cases. Request a free sample today to experience our premium quality and design options. Trusted by industry leaders, our cases offer unmatched durability and customization, ensuring your products are always protected in style.

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WeiHan focused on producing various kinds of bags for 20 years, include the handbags, tote bags, backpacks, makeup bags, our company have get the ISO9001, SGS, BSCI, Sedex certifications.

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