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Choose our sturdy cases,tailored to fit your cosmetic equipment, experience reliable protection for your skincare tools. Customize beauty EVA cases for travel organizer, home beauty storage, Hair Styling Tools, Jewelry Storage or any other makeup or travelling equipment you need.
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Production process for EVA cosmetic case

EVA is a lightweight and flexible material commonly used for manufacturing protective cases, such as cosmetic cases. Here's a general outline of the production process:
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Design and Planning:The first step is to design the cosmetic case. This includes determining its size, shape, and features like compartments, zippers, handles, and logos.
Material Procurement:EVA sheets and other necessary materials like zippers, fabric lining, and plastic components are procured.
Cutting EVA Sheets:EVA sheets are cut into the required shapes and sizes according to the design. This is typically done using cutting machines.
Mold Creation:Depending on the design, molds for specific case components may need to be created. This could include molds for corners, handles, or other customized features.
Heat Molding:The cut EVA sheets are subjected to heat molding, which involves placing the sheets into molds and applying heat and pressure to shape them according to the design.
Assembling Components:Once the EVA components are ready, other components like zippers, lining material, handles, and any other accessories are attached. This is usually done using adhesives or sewing, depending on the design.
Quality Control:Each case goes through a quality control process to check for defects, ensure that zippers work smoothly, and verify that the cosmetic case meets the design specifications
Printing and Branding:If branding or logos are part of the design, they can be added through printing or embossing methods.
Packaging:The finished EVA cosmetic cases are packed for shipping and distribution. Packaging can vary depending on the company's preferences and the distribution channels.

How Weihanbag customize the EVA case for your skincare tools&device?

Selecting the right EVA storage box for storing and protecting skincare tools is crucial to ensure they remain in good condition. Weihanbag will consider these aspects when we customize a EVA case for your beauty tools:
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Size and Shape: First, consider the size and shape of your skincare tools. Ensure that the chosen EVA storage box is large enough to accommodate all your tools and has an appropriate shape to prevent damage.
Internal Organization: EVA storage boxes typically come with customizable internal organization, such as foam or dividers. Ensure the internal organization can accommodate tools of various sizes and keep them safe and organized.
Durability: EVA material is durable, but make sure the selected storage box also possesses enough durability to withstand the daily use and potential impacts and pressure during travel.
External Protection: Consider the external protection provided by the storage box to prevent tools from dirt, moisture, or other potential hazards.
Closure Mechanism: Ensure that the EVA box has a reliable closure mechanism, such as double zippers, clasps, or magnetic closures, to keep the tools secure inside the box.
Portability: If you plan to carry these tools during travel, consider choosing a portable storage box with handles or shoulder straps for easy transportation.
Custom Branding: If you wish to apply your brand to the storage box, ensure that the EVA box can be customized with your logo or brand information through printing or engraving.
Cleaning and Maintenance: EVA boxes are easy to clean, but choose a surface material that is easy to maintain to keep the box's appearance and hygiene.
Transparent Window: Some EVA boxes feature transparent windows that allow you to quickly identify the contents inside, which is helpful when looking for specific tools.
Cost Consideration: Finally, take your budget into account. The price range of EVA storage boxes can vary widely based on size, brand, and features.

Appliance of EVA cosmetic case

EVA cases in the beauty and cosmetic industry serve a practical purpose by protecting and organizing beauty products and tools, making them a popular choice for those looking to maintain the quality and integrity of their cosmetic collections.
Makeup Artist's Kit
Travel Organizer
Skincare Storage
Hair Styling Tools
Nail Technician's Kit
Jewelry Storage
Promotional and Gift Packaging
Cosmetic Storage at Home
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Gallery of Weihanbag EVA cosmetic case

Can't Find The EVA Case For Your Application?

We can customize EVA case for your product.

EVA case customized options

The EVA case is designed to be highly customizable, allowing you to tailor it to the specific needs of your products. With options for the materials of the lid, foam insert, and accessories of the case, the EVA case can help to increase the value and uniqueness of your products.

Outside shell

Outside shell the Common material combinations are EVA + PU Leather: (Artificial Leather) or EVA + 600D/1680D Nylon, we also have 300D polyester, Lycra, Multispandex and Polar fleece choice
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Inner cover

Our inner cover have velvet, Spandex, Wave CrestSponges, faux-suede,  flocking, Lycra, Multispandex
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Foam insert

EVA foam, Charcoal Ester Foam, and PE foam is the most usually use on our Case
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Our EVA case have different handle choice like: PU handle, Rubber handle, Leather handle, Nylon handle,  shoulder strap handle, Hanging hook handle.
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We have Metal zipper, plastic tooth zipper, rope zipper puller, Rubber zipper, silver tooth zipper,
PU zipper, waterproof zipper, YKK zipper for your choose .
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Our logo decoration ways include: silk screen printing, heat transfer printing, deboss, emboss, metal label, washing laber and more...... 
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How to Work With Us

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Within a few hours we'll send you Email back about the EVA makeup tool case analysis and real-time pricing.

Manufacturing Begins

Once you review your quote and place your order, we'll start the manufacturing process. We also offer finishing options.

EVA case are shipped

Once the goods are completed, we will choose the appropriate sea or air transportation deliver the goods.

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EVA cosmetic case Project customization case

We face a variety of customer groups of specific consumer cosmetic products, many customers will choose their own customized solutions, especially the lining and external logo, hoping to customize to achieve the best match with their products.
*Check our customers' customization details and learn how we accomplish their needs. 
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Why Choose Us for EVA makeup case?

Directly From Factory
Directly purchase your Eva case from China manufacturer is a key to sucess. You can apply your customize needs directly, no restrict anymore. You can also save much money than buy EVA makeup box in local, especially when your order.
Low MOQ requirement
Parts of our customers want to a trial order before bulk EVA cosmetic case order, so we prepare penty instock EVA cosmetic case on warehouse, you can buy from 50pcs, 100pcs. and total cost about 25USD, 35USD. That will great reduce new buyer budget pression.
Easy sample
It is necessary to make a sample before placing a bulk EVA cosmetic case order. This will also greatly facilitate your communication with our EVA cosmetic case. We will refund you this part of the sample fee in subsequent bulk orders.
EVA cosmetic case Expertise
With ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification, you can get quality guarantee for our products.


Does your EVA cosmetic case is cheap than my local?

Most of the time, yes, especially if you need bulk EVA cosmetic case or you have customization needs.

How long to recived my EVA cosmetic case?

Korea; Japan: 5-7 days
Southeast Asia: 7-10 days
North America: 20-25 days
South America:25-35days
Europe: 25-30days
Australia: 28-35days
Africa: 30-35days

How do you deal with EVA cosmetic case damaged during transportation?

EVA cosmetic case are not easy to damaged, and EVA has self-repair ability, you only need to manually restore it to the expected appearance, after a few minutes, generally it will recover itself, if you encounter other problems, please timely contact your sales. We can compensate you by remaking, doubling the quantity broken quantity on the next order, or directly refunding the cost of the damaged goods.

Can you provide samples of EVA cases before placing a bulk order?

Yes, we can provide samples for evaluation and testing. Contact our sales team to request samples and discuss any associated costs.

What is your shipping and delivery process for EVA cases?

We can arrange shipping using various methods, including air, sea, or express courier, based on your preferences and location. We work with reliable logistics partners to ensure safe and timely delivery.

What is EVA, and what are its properties?

EVA stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, a versatile and durable thermoplastic material known for its excellent impact resistance, flexibility, and low-temperature toughness.

What types of cosmetic cases can you manufacture using EVA?

We can produce EVA cases for various cosmetic devices, such as laptops, tablets, cameras, drones, headphones, and more. Customization options are available to meet your specific requirements.

Can I use my cradit card payment?

Yes, we will accept credit cards, just make sure credit card is yours and can be used locally.

Do you offer design and prototyping services for EVA cases

Yes, we can assist with the design and prototyping of EVA cases. Our experienced design team can work with you to create a custom case that meets your specific needs.

What are the customization options available for EVA cases?

We offer customization in terms of size, shape, color, branding, and internal foam padding to ensure the case fits your cosmetic device perfectly and aligns with your branding needs.

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