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How to clean a canvas bag?

weihanbag  December 8, 2022

Wholesale canvas tote bags at Weihan are an excellent investment for you. Our canvas bags are hard-wearing and sturdy, meaning they'll be in your life for a long time and in many places, so cleaning them when they get dirty can't be avoided. Weihan's canvas bags support many colours of dyed fabric, metal buttons and other accessories, various logo prints, and embroidery. Cleaning them is more complex than throwing them in the water. Read this guide, and you'll learn the four steps of the cleaning process to help your canvas bag look as clean as new with less wear and tear.

What is a canvas bag?

In the article "What is a tote bag", we have already introduced the characteristics of canvas as a material. In addition to tote bags, many makeup bags, duffel bags, drawstring bags, backpacks, etc., are made of canvas belong to canvas bags. Canvas bags have excellent durability while retaining flexibility. The eco-friendliness of the raw materials and processing gives them a lot of weight in the fashion world. However, canvas bags will absorb dust and dirt during use and then become dirty, so how to clean canvas bags is a question worth considering. Fortunately, you don't have to worry, and we have compiled four steps to clean a canvas bag and help you learn to deal with dirty canvas bags better.

Step 1 Prepare the dirty canvas bag

First, take out the canvas bag you need to clean, then follow the points below to prepare your backpack before cleaning.

  • Remove all add-ons

Many accessories are not suitable for washing with canvas bags. Before washing, please remove all additional decorations, such as metal pins, stickers, pendants, etc.

  • Empty the contents of your canvas bag

Empty the contents of your canvas bag before cleaning it, including every compartment. Avoid electronic devices such as headphones, invoices, sticky notes and important text message content damaged by water immersion.

  • Check the integrity of the canvas bag

Carefully check the surface and lining of the canvas bag for cracks or openings, and repair them with needle and thread in time. Avoid secondary damage to the canvas bag during the cleaning process and aggravate the degree of damage to the crack.

  • Refer to washing label instructions

Different bags may use unique materials or processes, even if they are all canvas bags. Check if the canvas bag has washing instructions before washing, and follow the instructions to correct your washing process.

  • Fading test

If your canvas bag is white, then skip this tip. Any bag that is not white will need to be fade-tested before washing. Use a basin to catch a bowl of water and soak a small portion of the canvas bag in the water for ten minutes to observe if the dye has coloured the water. Then use a white towel to wring out the soaked part of the bag. If the paint contaminates the towel, you must partially wash the canvas bag and be careful of the effects of fading dyes. You can clean the canvas bag and other clothes simultaneously if the towel is not stained.

Step 2 Focus on stubborn stain areas

Before a complete cleaning, you can also focus on some stubborn stains. For newly dyed juice stains, you can first sprinkle a little salt, moisten with water and then dip in soapy water to clean. Then, gently rub a few drops of vinegar with your hands until cleaned with water. Warm water can wash clean perfume stains. If it is a long-time pungent perfume stain, you can wipe it with glycerin and wash it with warm water. Canvas bags stained with oil stains can be used with cold water to a little raw flour, rinsed into a paste, coated in oil stains, stayed for a few hours, and then used a brush dipped in water to brush away the powder. When removing stubborn stains, pay attention to the use of mild, non-irritating detergent and decontamination techniques to be gentle, do not damage the canvas bag.

Step 3 Choose the suitable cleaning method

  • Machine Washing

While machine washing can save you a lot of time, as a professional canvas bag supplier, we don't recommend it. Most canvas bags have washing notes indicating that they are not machine washable. The instructions are for better protection of the canvas bag, as the powerful centrifugal force of the washing machine may cause the canvas to shrink and the look and feel of the bag to change. Unless the designer assures you that it is perfectly suitable for machine washing, please keep one thing in mind: choose hand washing.

  • Hand washing

Hand wash cleaning is suitable for basically all canvas bags. You can protect your canvas bag better by adjusting the water temperature, choosing a mild detergent, and controlling the intensity of the wash. Get a white towel or sponge and soak it in warm water. Wring out any excess water on the towel or sponge, then gently wipe the canvas bag to avoid sensitive decorations during the wiping process. Depending on how dirty the canvas bag is, add a small amount of soap and brush with the towel, avoiding metal buttons or leather trim. Finally, rinse the canvas bag to avoid residual detergent ingredients. Alternatively, you can clean the metal parts individually with a unique polishing product.

Step 4 Drying and preservation

Finally, let's dry the cleaned canvas bag. Again, we do not recommend machine drying, which may cause distortion and pattern damage. The best way is to use a drying rack to spread the canvas flat for drying and let it dry naturally. To prevent the canvas bag from getting mouldy, you must dry it in time after cleaning it and hang it in a ventilated place. Suppose the canvas bag becomes dry and wrinkled. In that case, you can spray a small amount of water and use an iron to iron it at a low temperature for a short distance. Be careful not to burn the canvas bag.

After drying, you must store the canvas bag in a ventilated place. Hang your canvas bag on the door handle, fold it up and put it in the closet. If your canvas bag has a particular shape, try stuffing it with white tissue paper to help it stay in place. Use newspapers and magazines with caution as there may be colour rendering. You can also use cotton to cover the bag to prevent dust buildup. Remember to spray your new canvas bag with a protective solution to prevent stains when storing it.


The durability and eco-friendliness of canvas bags make them bestsellers worldwide. Use these strategies to help your customers extend the life of their canvas bags and get an excellent value-for-money experience. To learn about specific canvas bag styles and wholesale prices, contact us!

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