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How to customize a tote bag?

weihanbag  January 12, 2023

A tote bag is a large, sturdy bag that can carry books, lunch, clothes and other items. With reusable tote bags gradually replacing disposable plastic bags as a product just in demand, how to customize tote bags has become a concern for many tote bag buyers and distributors. Whether designing unique personalized tote bags for yourself at home or customizing wholesale tote bags for company promotions, you'll get inspiration for custom tote bags with this guide!

DIY tote bags for individuals

Hand-painted tote bag

Painting on solid colour tote bags is a great way to design a personalized tote bag. Especially for those who have a basic knowledge of painting, it is easy to get a great tote bag. Here are some steps to take when hand-painting a tote bag.

Step 1:Choosing paints

Using different paints to paint on a tote bag achieves different results.

  • Acrylic paints are rich in colour, thick in texture, dry quickly, less likely to mix colours, and have strong water resistance. And are suitable for people with a certain level of painting to create.
  • Bake textile pigments in a high-temperature environment before they dry sufficiently. Keep them on the pack for at least 24 hours before the first wash. In the screen printing of fibre fabrics, factories use textile pigments.
  • Many people, especially novices, often use watercolour paints for tote bag painting. These water-soluble paints are easy to mix and simple to clean, and the patterns will disappear over time. Suppose you want to do something other than a DIY tote bag operation now and then. In that case, watercolour is not the choice we recommend.

Step 2:Draw a sketch

Think about the pattern you want to create before outlining the tote bag. Sketch on paper and then use a pencil to trace the outline on the tote bag. This sketch will help you reduce revisions and mistakes during the painting process.

Step 3:Protective measures

The paint is porous. Put a layer of cardboard or another load that can block the penetration of the pigment. To prevent the dye from contaminating the rest of the tote fabric, you will need to do some work on the back of the canvas before applying the colour.

Step 4:Action

You're ready to make a splash with all the work ready to go! Remember to dry your bag and save it from fading.

Embroidered Tote Bag

Embroidery is similar to hand-drawn steps. Prepare the embroidery needle, thread and an embroidery hoop to be used. Outline the pattern on the tote bag with a pencil, insert the bag into the embroidery hoop and start filling the design with embroidery floss. Embroidery is much more complex than painting. It requires you to be flexible with the stitches and be careful not to injure yourself.

The hand sewing speed is always limited, so if you need to speed up the work, you can use a small embroidery tool machine. Of course, you can contact us for help if you need a sizeable wholesale quantity of embroidered tote bags. Our factory has skilled workers and professional embroidery equipment and can make 2,000 embroidered tote bags weekly.

Decorated tote bag

Not knowing how to draw and embroider is not a problem. You can consider the option of using patches. Embroidered patch decoration eliminates the need for embroidery steps, and the lively and fun patterns can also give your tote bag a lot of personality. You can pick your favourite design at the store and iron it onto your bag. Be sure to have adult supervision during this process to avoid burns.

Or, more simply, use pins to decorate your tote bag. Pins bring tote bag damage is negligible while easy to replace. Finally, remember to take down your nails when cleaning the tote bag.

Iron transfer tote bag

Heat transfer paper is another DIY tote bag method you must know. You should know that some design patterns are challenging to complete through painting or embroidery, and there is no corresponding patch. It does not matter. You can flip the design horizontally and print it on the printing paper.

Place the tote canvas on a hard surface, either a wood block or an insulated board. Then, use an iron to snap the transfer paper pattern onto the canvas, ironing along the edges toward the centre. After cooling for about 3 minutes, carefully peel off the backing of the transfer paper and a tote bag with a unique print is born! Consult the transfer paper instructions for specific ironing temperature and time, and follow the safety instruction manual.

Dyed tote bag

Dip-dyed tote bags are very suitable for light-coloured canvas tote bags. Primarily white canvas bags work best. When you need help with the pattern, try this unique tote bag with colour variations.

First, prepare a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands from the dye, pour the fabric dye into a bucket of water, and refer to the dye application instructions for the proper ratio. Put the part of the tote bag that you want to dye into the dye solution, and let it rest for about half an hour. Then, take it out and rinse it until there is no colour in the water that runs down after rinsing. Repeat this step until you reach a good colour depth.

Suppose you need a more brilliant dip-dye effect. In that case, you can repeat the rinsing and colouring steps by dipping different parts into multiple colours of dye solution. And you will get a brand-new tote bag.

Customized tote bags for groups

Design purposes

Unlike individual DIY tote bags, customized tote bags for the collective are generally used more for business activities or brand promotion. Clarify the purpose of your wholesale custom tote bags to make the customization achieve good results.

The design only requires a little content if it is a corporate gift tote bag sent to employees. The most important thing is highlighting the corporate logo and enhancing employees' collective sense of belonging.

Suppose the organization promotes an event with customized peripheral products. In that case, the design should be combined with the event's theme, such as the environmental protection theme of green trees and other pattern characteristics, to expand the event's impact.

Suppose it is a promotional activity held by the business. In that case, the tote bag should reflect the company's promotional information. In addition, the primary logo can also be added to the store address, contact information and other content.

Suppose you are a distributor of non-branded tote bags on platforms such as Amazon. You can pick the fashionable and popular styles already available and customize your desired quantity at a low price.

Weihan's luxury leather tote bags are perfect if you are ready to build your brand. The widespread use of corporate-branded tote bags accelerates the promotion of brand power.

Browse Weihan's tote bag and pick the right style. You can refer to some time-honoured design ideas when you need a fixed logo or picture. Simply put, they are suitable for any user.

Design team

As a professional tote bag supplier, Weihan has customized tote bags for global customers since 2004. There is a professional design team and account managers to help with every process of customization. Weihan's customization options are as follows.

  • Size: 30 inches wide * 24 inches high, 25 inches wide * 18 inches tall, 22 inches wide * 14 inches high. Various sizes are supported.
  • Colour: full colour, support Pantone 1114 kinds of colours. The paint may sometimes have a slight error because of the material.
  • Logo: Weihan has powerful and abundant logo customization technology, including an embossed logo, silk screen, rubber badge, foil stamping, woven logo, metal badge logo, and embroidered logo.
  • Materials: The commonly used materials for tote bags are canvas, nylon, PVC, leather, etc. Weihan has a rich material warehouse and cooperates with many professional material dealers to use the best quality fabrics.
  • Decoration: There have many details that can make bags unique, such as customizable zippers, interior pockets, custom accents, and labels. Our customers have many great ideas, and we can help implement them.
  • The packaging of our custom bags is another step that we can't ignore. Our packaging methods include PP plastic bags, thin canvas bags, and paper bags, which can protect our bags well during transportation.


Weihan is an experienced package supplier catering to the customized needs of our customers, exporting to hundreds of countries worldwide. We can request free samples before placing orders for large quantities better to confirm the appearance and quality of customized bags. If you need clarification on the custom bag process and price shipping, contact the Weihan team!

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