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How to make a backpack

weihanbag  November 15, 2021

How to make a backpack? This is a simple question for manufacturers like us, after all, we make backpacks every day. No one knows how to make a backpack better than us.

Therefore, in addition, to showing our manufacturer's general backpack-making process, we will also add some DIY processes, but this is still difficult for novices. Sewing enthusiasts can try to follow our steps to carry out the work. The process of making a backpack by yourself is pleasant, but it is also time-consuming. Weihan bag has rich experience in the production of backpacks. After 17 years of development, our backpack production cost control can close to the cost of you buying a zipper from Amazon. Therefore, it is also a wise choice to buy a backpack directly. Preparations for making a backpack

Preparations for making a backpack

To make a backpack, First things, we need to get the materials and equipment.

Equipment for making a backpack

The industrial walking foot sewing machine, which is the most important tool on this project, you can also use a home-use sewing machine. If you choose completely hand-sewn, inefficient and not strong enough.

We also need

  • Paper with grid
  • Scissors/rotary knives
  • Marker pens and pencils
  • Triangle
  • Ruler
  • Straight grain cutting mat
  • paper for a sketch drawing

Backpack parts

  • Fabric
  • Nylon fabric
  • Nylon webbing
  • Seatbelt webbing
  • Webbing binding tape, a sports mesh fabric
  • Foam
  • Cam buckles
  • Quick-release buckle
  • Velcro
  • Zipper

You can buy these items online or at a local hardware store. I suggest you go to some online shop like Amazon, you can buy them all at once and get all parts at the same time.

What Are Backpacks Made Of?

For the backpack fabric choice, Backpacks are typically made from canvas, cotton, or nylon.

  • Other choice is:
  • Rip-Stop Nylon
  • Ballistic Nylon
  • Kodra Nylon
  • Leather
  • Denim
  • PVC
  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Cordura

Design preparation.

In the first step, we chose the fabric and the nylon fabric for matching. In this step, you can do some design work for your backpack. When we produce backpacks, most of the ready-made backpacks can be improved by reference. We also have designers and engineers who can turn an idea into an actual backpack. For ordinary people, it is very difficult to design an appearance and disassemble it into specific parts. Fortunately, I found that there is a website that can provide ready-made templates. You can see the real objects through pictures, and there are detailed drawings for you to download for reference. You only need to google the keywords "backpack pattern" to find these good websites.

Start working on make a backpack

The whole backpack making process can divide into three steps:

1. The first step in the process is to collect various accessories, then cut the fabrics of each part of the backpack.

2. Sew all the fabric parts in a certain order.

3. Assemble various parts to form a backpack.

If a standard production process is used, the backpack-making process needs to be divided into the following steps.

Step One: Make a Paper Patterns

The first step is to print the manuscript you downloaded from the website on a piece of enough paper to make a paper template for each backpack section. This kind of work is also used in our backpack production process. But unlike the paper with guiding lines downloaded on the website, our drawings as a manufacturer are drawn directly on a large piece of paper by our designers and proofing workers. These are our blueprints for the production of backpacks.

Step Two: Cutting the Fabric

We will unfold the rolled fabric. If we need to make 10,000 backpacks, we will calculate how many area fabric needs to be cut based on the results of the first step, all the cut fabrics will be stacked one after another.

Step Three: Press & Mold the Fabric

Workers will use premade molds and a stamping press to achieve cutting. when you make a backpack at home, you can cut it directly with scissors.

Step Four: Make all the part of the backpack and sewing all the fabric.

Each piece of the backpack is stitched together separately. This includes the front pockets, handles, shoulder straps, zippers, and some other parts on the outside of backpacks.

Generally, different parts can be made in the following order:

  1. Preparing the zippers.
  2. Make the front panel

Creating the front pocket

Adding the side pocket

Preparing the main zipper

Adding the zipper flap to the main zipper

Connecting internal lining to the main zipper

Sewing the internal lining and main zipper to the outside of the bag

Topstitching main zipper flap

  1. Making the handles

Making main handle wrap, adding foam and connecting handle to handle strap, closing the lining, and adding handles.

Making the Back Panel, stitching shapes into the lining, sewing the Internal pockets, sewing internal pockets onto the inside panel.

  1. Making the Back Panel

stitching shapes into the lining, sewing the Internal pockets, sewing internal pockets onto the inside panel.

  1. Shoulder Straps, assembling the shoulder straps, adding the mesh to shoulder straps, adding reinforcement where shoulder straps connect to the back panel, adding the foam into the shoulder straps, accurately sewing shoulder straps onto the back panel.
  2. Preparing foam and lining for back panel

Adding compartment zipper, connecting back panel with internal lining, and compartment zipper, topstitching around compartment zipper.

  1. Adding luggage strap
  2. Final Assembly

Connecting the front panel to side panels, connecting back panel sleeve, adding back to reinforce shoulder strap webbing

  1. Final step: adding internal binding around exposed seams

Step Five: Examination of the backpack

Take out any loose threads in the backpack, cut off the excessively long threads, and carefully check the details of the backpack to see if there is any need to be reinforced.

Step Six: Cleaning of the backpack

The backpack has gone through many steps from the raw materials to the present completion, and the surface or lining is easy be contaminated with some dust or stains. At this time, it is necessary to clean the backpack.

Step Seven:Package of the backpack

The backpack is now complete. We usually use cartons to pack it. For customers with special requirements, we will add a plastic bag with vents to protect them from dust during transportation. Each carton will be packed into a container, and then sent to countries around the world.

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