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Is getting an IPSY bag worth it?

weihanbag  July 21, 2022

The IPSY bag is a beauty subscription service that sends you 5-6 beauty products every month. The contents of each IPSY bag are tailored to your beauty profile, so you can be sure that the products included will be useful and relevant to you. In this post, we’ll explore how much an IPSY bag costs, how to get one, and more!

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What Is an IPSY Bag?

IPSY (which stands for "Ipsy" Beauty Subscription) is a monthly subscription service that sends you a beauty bag filled with five products. It costs $10 per month, plus shipping and handling ($4.95). The bags are curated based on your beauty profile, so each month's bag is different!

IPSY bags are great gifts because they're affordable and provide an easy way for someone else to try out new products without committing to buying everything at once. They also make great gifts for yourself!

What is the cost of an IPSY bag?

The cost of an IPSY bag is $10 per month. You can cancel at any time, but you won't be able to re-subscribe until the next month. If you use a referral code, you'll get your first box for free (but still have to pay the monthly subscription fee).

If you sign up for a year of IPSY, they'll give you two extra bags and a makeup bag.

How do I get an IPSY bag?

To get an IPSY bag, you'll need to sign up for a subscription plan and pay for it. The company offers three different plans: Clutch Cutie ($10/month), Ipsy Glam Bag ($20/month) and Ipsy Open Studio ($35/month). All subscriptions automatically renew unless you cancel them before the end of your billing cycle.

Once you've signed up for a plan, IPSY will send out one makeup bag every month with five beauty products inside. You can expect to receive some high-end brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills or It Cosmetics as well as some lesser-known brands from smaller companies. It's not unusual for subscribers to receive products they've never heard of before—but that's part of the fun!

How do I pay for an IPSY bag?

You can pay for your bag with a credit or debit card, PayPal, gift card and prepaid cards. If you're paying with cash, make sure you have a valid ID on hand.

Can I try an IPSY bag for free?

It's easy to try out an IPSY bag for free. You can sign up for a 7-day trial and cancel before your first bag is mailed to you, or get credit toward a free bag by referring friends and family.

If you're buying a 3-month subscription as a gift, you'll also get a free $5 credit toward your first month's box—and if you refer someone who purchases their own 3-month subscription, they'll receive $5 off their first box too!

How do I cancel my IPSY bag subscription?

In order to cancel your IPSY bag subscription, you must first log in to your account. Once you are logged in, navigate to the “Manage Subscriptions” page. You can find this by clicking on “Account” and selecting “My Subscriptions.”

On the Manage Subscriptions page, select “Cancel My Bag Subscription” under either of these circumstances:

  • If you would like to cancel your IPSY bag subscription because of dissatisfaction with a product received in one or more bags within a twelve-month period, follow these steps:
  • Select "I want to cancel my subscription."
  • Select how many months remain until your next shipment will be sent out: 1 month; 2 months; 3 months; 4 months; 5+ months (no current shipments). Then click Save Changes at the bottom of this section and confirm that you wish for all future shipments from IPSY Bags Inc., including any unshipped items from previous boxes that have been placed back into inventory at least once before their due date arrives again." This way we can ensure that our customers receive exactly what they want when it comes time for them receiving another shipment!"

Do the products in my IPSY bag change every month?

IPSY sends you a box of 5 beauty products each month. The products are chosen based on your beauty profile, which you can change at any time. You can always skip the survey if you don't want to answer questions about your style or preferences.

I take my IPSY bag very seriously and do my best to answer the survey correctly and provide as much information as possible so that I get the items most suited for me!

How many people use IPSY bags?

IPSY bags are undoubtedly a good value. As of September 2018, they've reached over two million members and have been delivering their bags for four years. They are also offering a great selection of products at reasonable prices when you take into account that many online subscription services offer either fewer options or charge more per item.

One of the main draws to IPSY is the cost: The standard bag costs $10 per month, while the deluxe bag costs $15 per month, but it includes more full-size products than its counterpart. This means that if an item comes in a deluxe bag instead of a regular one, you're getting twice as much product for only $5 extra each month—a decent deal for any shopper looking for savings!

The contents of the bags are tailored to your beauty profile.

Another great benefit of getting an IPSY bag is that the company knows you. And by “knows you,” I mean it knows everything about your beauty profile. It knows what kinds of products you like and dislike, it knows your skin type and hair type, it knows your eye color and skin tone—and even more than that! The company also asks if you have any specific preferences when it comes to hair color or eye color (for example, if you have blue eyes but prefer brown mascara).

So basically, not only will IPSY send you products tailored to suit your specific needs based on how they've analyzed all the data they've collected from past purchases—but they'll also pay attention to any feedback in their surveys so they can continue sending out things that work well with your lifestyle.

I hope this article has given you a better idea of whether or not an IPSY bag is worth it. If you’re looking for a new subscription service and want to try out some new products, then I think IPSY is a great option. It allows you to discover new brands while getting high-quality products in return. The price point of the bags makes them affordable enough that most people can afford one every month if they want too!

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