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What are the best types of handbags for professional women?

weihanbag  July 21, 2022

Most women have a love-hate relationship with their handbags. When you first get a new bag, it's so exciting to fill it up with all your favorite things — but after a few weeks, the excitement has started to wear off and it feels like you're carrying around an awkwardly heavy brick. While some people might be tempted to just throw out their old bag, there are actually some easy ways you can make your existing bag more functional and user-friendly! One solution: switch up which types of bags you use on different occasions. For example, if you're looking for an everyday handbag that can hold all your stuff while still looking professional at work — then read on!

Boxy bags

Boxy bags are a great choice for work. They're elegant and professional, but they also look stylish. Plus, boxy bags are versatile enough to be worn with almost any outfit. For example, you could take your boxy bag to the office in the morning and then use it as your evening bag later on in the day!

If you want a professional-looking handbag that's casual enough for everyday wear, consider a boxy bag. You'll be able to fit all of your essentials into one compartment and still have room left over for extras like an umbrella or sweater (depending on what time of year it is).

Structured Hobos

Structured hobo bags are one of the best types of handbags for professional women to carry while they’re at work. Structured hobo bags are large enough to carry a laptop and other items, but not so big that they feel bulky or awkward. They are structured so that you can wear them over your shoulder comfortably and easily, making them ideal for the workplace.

Structured hobo bags come in many different styles—from neutral colors like black and brown, to bright colors such as red or pink. They also come in materials such as leather or suede which make them look more professional than plastic-y canvas bags (see below).

The easiest way to tell if a bag is structured is by looking at its sides: if there aren't any seams on either side down from where it connects with your body when you're wearing it then chances are good that it's a structured bag! If there were no seams at all then we'd call it an "unconstructed" style because technically all purses have some sort of structure when they're being used properly; however since most people don't know this factoid yet we'll continue calling them "structured" instead—it's easier 🙂


A tote bag is a large bag that you can carry over your shoulder or across your body. Totes and satchels are often confused, but they're not quite the same thing. A satchel is smaller than a tote and more like a purse.

Totes are available in many sizes, from small purses that can fit inside a bigger handbag to much larger bags that are able to hold everything from groceries to laptop computers. When choosing the right size for you consider how much stuff you need to bring with you every day: if it's just your wallet and keys then something small will do; however if it's lunch as well as several files full of documents then something larger may be more convenient for carrying everything together.

When choosing between different styles there are many options available - so choose one which works best with both your personality and wardrobe choices! For example: if most of your clothes tend towards bright colors such as reds/pinks/purple then perhaps look into getting something made out of canvas material rather than leather since this type doesn't show dirt as easily when used regularly throughout each day (especially during winter months). On the other hand if wearing neutral colors such as black clothing daily tends toward boring outfits then perhaps try some patterned bags instead 😉

These types of handbags are great choices for work.

The best handbags for work are the ones that are professional, functional, stylish and durable. They should also be versatile so you can use them in a variety of settings. Plus they need to be easy to find and buy because sometimes you'll want several different types of bags at once.

Finally it's important that these types of bags are affordable and easy to carry around—you don't want something heavy or bulky weighing down your arms as you walk through a busy office! With all these characteristics in mind we've created a list of handbag favorites that should help any working woman keep her life organized without breaking the bank when her lunch break comes around (or when she needs some new shoes).

These are just a few types of handbags that work well for professional women. If you're looking for something specific, we encourage you to check out our blog post on "How to find the best bag for your needs".

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