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What are the top 5 things you carry in your handbag daily?

weihanbag  July 21, 2022

The contents of your handbag are important. You have to have the right things in there to help you get through the day and tackle anything that comes your way. So, what are those top 5 things?

1. Umbrella

  • Why is an umbrella important?

An umbrella is a necessity when you’re out and about in the rain. No matter what season it is, you can bet that it will rain at some point. If you don’t have an umbrella with you, then you risk getting soaked or worse - having to walk home in a downpour!

  • How do I choose the right size for my handbag?

There are a few things to consider when choosing your perfect companion for rainy days:

  • How long are your arms? The longer the better! If possible, go for something with an extension mechanism so that no matter how tall or short (or short-armed) you may be, it won’t hinder its effectiveness.
  • Do want something compact? If so, then consider getting one with a telescopic shaft which will allow it to fold up into itself without taking up too much room in your bag. This also makes storage of these models very easy since they take up less space than their non-collapsible counterparts once folded away into their handles; just make sure not lose them though!

2. Wallet

When you're out and about, your wallet is the place where you keep all of your money and most importantly, any credit cards or other important cards. You should always keep your wallet safe and secure in a zipped compartment inside of your handbag. If possible, try to keep it in an inner pocket or pouch that is close to your body so that nobody else can easily see it or reach into it without difficulty (unless they have some sort of superpowers).

If there are less people around, it would be okay to put the whole thing in a front pocket or side pocket on top of the handbag as long as you don't feel like anyone can take advantage of this opportunity. The best way would obviously be not having anything valuable on yourself when going out with friends because then there will be no need for worrying about other people trying something sneaky while not being under supervision by someone else who could help defend against thieves!

However if somebody sees something interesting enough at night - they might want ~~it~~ steal it from me... so I always keep my valuables very close in case something happens!

3. Laptop/Macbook

Laptop or Macbook? It's a question that has plagued the minds of many women, especially those in the business world. The answer is simple: you need a laptop.

Whether you are a student or an entrepreneur, a laptop is essential to your daily routine because it provides more flexibility than any other device. You can read emails, browse the web and even write papers on your tablet but it will never be able to replace your laptop's versatility and power.

So what should you do to protect this important piece of technology? Some people like using cases while others prefer screen protectors - whatever works best for you! The most important thing is that you take care of your electronics so they last longer and don't get damaged as easily by shocks or water exposure (more about this later).

4. Sunglass

If you are anything like me, you will be carrying a pair of sunglasses in your handbag daily. Why? For starters, they can protect your eyes from the sun and keep them healthy. If you’re driving or walking to work in the morning hours, wearing sunglasses could be very beneficial for those who suffer from light sensitivity syndrome or even for those who have light-sensitive skin like myself. Sunglasses also help with fashion statement; if you have a fashionable pair of sunglasses (or two or three pairs), then it adds some flare to an outfit which can make it look more attractive than without any accessories at all! Not only that but they also make you appear more professional when wearing them while working out in the field during those long days where there is simply not enough time to take off glasses before working on tasks such as raking leaves around trees or cutting grass; by having a good pair handy right at home makes life much easier so we don’t have worry about where our glasses are

5. Hand sanitizer

You should always keep a hand sanitizer in your bag. This can be a spray bottle or gel and you should always use it to clean your hands when they are dirty. You don’t want to catch any germs from touching someone else’s hand at work or school so make sure you use the hand sanitizer regularly. It is also good for cleaning other items too such as phones, laptops and tables etc so do not forget to use it on these areas as well because we all know how many germs are on these items!

With this list, you will be ready to face your day and tackle anything that comes your way.

When you carry these five things in your handbag, they will help you with whatever comes your way. You can also think of them as weapons—and we all know how much women love their weapons! You may not be able to fight off a bear or other wild animal, but you can certainly help others if they are threatened by a human or another creature. In addition to helping others, these items will also help the world because they can reduce waste and add value to whatever it is that they’re used on.

We hope that this list has helped you get organized and ready for the day ahead. With all of these items, you will be able to tackle anything that comes your way with confidence!

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