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What is the best makeup brush set?

weihanbag  July 20, 2022

I'm sure you've heard it before: You need a different brush for each step of your makeup routine. But with so many options out there, is it really possible to find a universal set that covers all the bases? The answer is yes—but it's not quite as simple as tossing everything into one giant tub and calling it a day. After testing dozens of top-rated makeup brush sets from popular brands such as Real Techniques and Beauty Blender, we found that most pros agree on what makes for an ideal set: quality materials and sturdy construction (no matter how cheap or expensive), as well as brushes designed specifically for certain uses (for example, foundation versus face powder). If you're wondering which products will get you looking flawless every time—without breaking the bank—keep reading!

For the full face

You need a good foundation brush. You need a good blush brush. You need a good powder brush. You need a good contour brush and an eye shadow brush and eyeliner brushes in multiple sizes, shapes and colors (I'm looking at you, MAC). And don't forget lip brushes! A good set of these will make your life infinitely easier as you're moving from one color to the next throughout your face routine.

Face first

The most important step in any makeup routine is the base. The face first brush set has a number of brushes for contouring and highlighting your face, along with a powder brush for setting the look. The buffing brush is great for applying liquid foundation and the pointed foundation brush blends it in seamlessly. You can use the contour brush to carve out your cheekbones or apply highlighter on them, or any other part of your face you want to highlight. Use the blending brush all over as well as under eyes to soften harsh lines from concealer/base products applied before hand. Finally, there is a concealer brush which lets you apply product more precisely without having this around any other areas on your face that need covering up!

The next step in creating an overall look with makeup involves filling in eyebrows and eyelashes (if desired). Eyebrows are incredibly important because they show off our emotions through facial expressions; so if yours aren't filled in properly then people might not understand exactly how excited/sad/angry etc...you're feeling at any given time! This kit comes with everything needed: two brow pencils (light brown & dark brown), grooming scissors and tweezers so nothing slips past unnoticed while getting ready each morning (or night).

Blush and bronze

  • Blush and bronze

This is the most basic category of makeup brushes, but it's also one of the most important. You probably have a blush brush in your kit already, and if not, it's definitely the first thing you should buy. A good blush brush will pick up pigments well and deposit them evenly on your face for an even coloration across all areas. They can also be used to apply bronzer under or over foundation for contouring purposes.

  • Contouring and highlighting

Contour brushes are unique from other types because their shape allows them to apply an even layer of product along the cheekbones for definition—no more streaky stripes! These are great for shading too since they're small enough to fit into any crevice where light would normally hit; however, they're not ideal for blending because their bristles lack flexibility (hence why we recommend using something else). As far as highlight goes...that's another story altogether! Highlighting is best done with a softer texture so that when you go over certain areas again later on after setting everything with powder, there won't be any harsh lines left behind (although if touched up properly with concealer afterwards then this shouldn't happen either way). Highlighter brushes come in many different forms depending on what kind of effect you'd like: dense streaks look great if applied directly onto bare skin while smaller ones work better when mixed together first before applying evenly across both sides."

Setting up for success

When you’re ready to set up your makeup brush collection, it can be a bit intimidating. There are so many different brushes available and each one is designed for a specific purpose. The best way to start your collection is by choosing the right brushes for each step of your routine.

Below are some basic questions you should ask when choosing new makeup brushes:

  • What is the best brush for applying foundation?
  • What kind of foundation do I use? Powder or liquid? Cream or stick? Do I want a full coverage or sheer look? What type of application do i see myself using most often (a flat top buffing brush, stippling technique etc.)
  • How does my skin feel about being covered with something else (i.e., does my skin hate cream products)? And if so, what can i do about that besides scrubbing off all my makeup immediately after application and washing my face with soap until all traces have been removed (this may take time depending on how much mascara was used).

Covering it up

There are a few more brushes you might want to add to your collection. You'll need:

  • A brush for concealer. The size and shape of this will depend on the type of coverage you prefer, but it's important to have one so you can cover up any blemishes or dark under-eye circles.
  • A powder brush. This is great for setting concealer, as well as applying foundation if you're looking for a full coverage look. You could use a kabuki brush instead if that better fits your personal style or makeup routine—it'll work just as well!
  • Blush brushes come in various shapes and sizes, but the most common is long with soft bristles that pick up pigment well while still being soft enough not to irritate sensitive skin when used properly (which means lightly!). Keep in mind that there are also angled blush brushes available if that's what works best for your face shape; however, these aren't meant for blending so much as applying color evenly all over the cheek area without wasting any product by applying too much at once or pressing down unnecessarily hard onto the skin surface itself."

Up close and personal

The best makeup brush set will help put your face together, but how do you know which one to use? You might be wondering why it's so important to have the right brushes. After all, they're just little pieces of plastic or wood—or sometimes even metal—that sit on your vanity.

As with any tool, it's essential to know how to use every kind of makeup brush for maximum effectiveness. Whether you're blending in concealer under your eyes or adding some blush to your cheeks, these are the tools that will make it happen best.

You need a different brush for each step of your makeup routine.

There's more to makeup than just applying the product. You need a different brush for each step of your routine! For example, when applying foundation it's best to have a larger powder brush, and then after that you can use a smaller concealer brush to get into small areas like under the eyes or on blemishes. After that, you'll want to blend everything together with a flat-top blending brush so that there aren't any harsh lines between where you put your foundation and where it ended up after blending.

Sometimes one type of brush can be used in multiple steps—for instance, an angled blush brush can also be used as an eye contour tool if you prefer those angled brushes over spoolies or finger tips. However, this is not always necessary nor recommended because it will make your life difficult if these kinds of things get mixed up!

I hope this article helped you understand the different types of makeup brushes and what they’re used for. If you are just starting out with makeup, a good starter kit is essential for learning how to apply your products. But if this isn't your first rodeo, then I would recommend investing in good quality brushes that will last longer than a year or two (depending on how much use they get each week).

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