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What should I carry in a handbag for an international flight?

weihanbag  July 19, 2022

For many people, flying is an unpleasant experience. You have to deal with cramped seats, uncomfortable food and uncomfortable passengers -- not to mention the stress of making sure that you have all the items you need for a comfortable flight. If you don't have enough room in your handbag for everything you need for a transatlantic trip or another international flight, consider using some of these general suggestions so your trip can be more relaxing and less stressful:

You'll want to take things with you on the plane that make your life easier, but you don't want to overload your handbag.

It's important to have a good idea of what you'll need before you start packing. For example, do you want to bring your laptop? If so, do you have the right adapter for charging it on the airplane? Will there be plenty of outlets in your seat for your electronics or will this be something that needs to be charged during layovers?

Think about what it is that makes life easier for you when traveling and try to pack those things into your handbag. For example:

  • Do you need something small but heavy (like an umbrella) or is it better left at home (like a hardcover book)?
  • Do all of your essentials fit into one bag or will some things need their own bag?
  • What kind of weather conditions are likely going to happen while traveling and how should these affect what clothing items are packed into my handbag?

Some of the general items are also helpful when traveling through an airport, whether by plane or some other form of public transportation.

The general items are also helpful when traveling through an airport, whether by plane or some other form of public transportation.

It's always good to carry a light jacket and a scarf, especially if you have long hair. A hat is another simple item that can make all the difference in avoiding sunburn or staying warm in cold weather. Sunglasses are helpful for both blocking the sun's rays and helping avoid eye strain on long flights; they're also good for concealing bags under your eyes!

A small umbrella is also a good idea for rainy climates, as well as for staying dry after getting off planes—or trains, buses, etc.—when it's raining outside. A small pack of tissues is useful not only because airplanes sometimes run out but also because sneezing can be more common during travel due to changes in air pressure and temperature differences between where you were previously and where you're going now (for example: from one city at sea level up into mountains).

Hand sanitizer can help prevent colds/flus from spreading quickly among people who travel together frequently (such as coworkers) or who spend extended periods close together (as with families).

A travel blanket can make a long flight more comfortable.

  • A travel blanket can make a long flight more comfortable.
  • Traveling by air is often seen as the fastest way to get from point A to point B. But that's only true if you are seated in an airplane cabin with all your luggage stowed safely in the overhead bin, ready for takeoff. In fact, a long flight could mean spending hours on end in an uncomfortable position and fighting off jet lag after landing at your destination.
  • The best way to avoid these inconveniences is by bringing along the right travel supplies—including a lightweight blanket that fits into your carry-on or personal item bag or purse! You'll thank yourself later when you're warm and cozy during those long stretches at 30,000 feet above sea level without any blankets available from flight attendants (they tend not be very generous).

Bring your own earbuds or headphones for watching movies on the plane.

  • Bring your own headphones for watching movies on the plane.
  • Bring your own earbuds for listening to music, audiobooks and podcasts during your flight.
  • Bring your own earplugs if you want to use them in place of headphones or earbuds; this is highly recommended if you're sensitive to noise or need a silent environment to sleep.
  • Noise cancelling headphones are especially useful if you are flying on an airplane with very noisy engines, as they can cancel out most engine sounds so that what remains is just the sound of the movie or music playing on your device (if it's loud enough).
  • Noise cancelling earphones may be useful for those who prefer not having something over their head while traveling but still want some protection from engine noise and other ambient noises such as crying babies nearby (though this depends on how well-designed they are).

Your tablet or laptop can keep you entertained and help with work on the flight.

Your tablet or laptop can keep you entertained and help with work on the flight.

  • If you’re bringing a laptop, make sure to bring the charger and cable. (You don’t want to be caught short!)
  • Don't forget headphones! You may not want to listen to any music or watch anything, but some people do.
  • You might also want a case for your tablet or laptop, depending on how much space it takes up and how careful/careless you are with electronics in general.
  • A keyboard is also useful if you are going to be working during your flight—and especially if it's a long one! It'll save your arms from getting tired of holding up heavy bags full of things like books and snacks…but remember: only so much weight will fit into overhead bins so if there isn't room for everything else then don't worry about bringing along this bulky accessory (unless maybe someone else has already volunteered).

A neck pillow helps with napping on the flight without having to use the pillow that was used by all the other passengers who flew before you.

If you’re not accustomed to sleeping on planes, it can be difficult to fall asleep. To make things easier, bring a neck pillow. You can use this to prop your head up at an angle and avoid using the pillows provided by airlines. These pillows tend to have been used by everyone who has flown before you, and they may be germy as well as uncomfortable. If possible, bring your own blanket—it will keep you warm in both cold and hot weather.

An MP3 player is nice to have and will save your battery power on your phone.

The most important thing to bring with you on a flight is your ID and boarding pass. You'll also want to have a pen or pencil, too. If you're flying internationally, it's best to bring some foreign currency in case you need it once you land.

Some other things that may come in handy are:

  • A book with both English and the language of the country you're visiting (if applicable) so that if someone tries to talk with you while waiting at the airport, they can see how much English knowledge they really have;
  • An MP3 player so that even though your phone may not be charged during long hours of sitting in planes and airports, at least there won't be any silence!

Bring a light jacket in case it gets cold.

  • Bring a light jacket in case it gets cold. At many airports across the world, you may find yourself waiting for your flight in a drafty terminal or on an airplane without any heat. Bring a lightweight, comfortable jacket that's easy to carry and won't weigh you down when you're lugging around other items.
  • Don't bring anything too bulky or heavy—make sure your new handbag can handle that extra weight! Most airlines have strict policies about what kind of bags can be carried on board, so make sure yours is up to snuff before packing it full of stuff.

A toothbrush and toothpaste can be handy during a long flight, as can mints, breath spray or chewing gum if you'd prefer not to brush your teeth mid-flight.

In addition to the above items, which are all great for making you more comfortable while in transit, here are some slightly less obvious things you may want to consider packing:

  • A toothbrush and toothpaste can be handy during a long flight, as if you don't have time to brush your teeth before landing (and even if you do). It's also a good idea to pack mints or breath spray or chewing gum if you'd prefer not to brush your teeth mid-flight. Just remember that mouthwash won't replace brushing! Brushing your teeth is one of the best ways of preventing bad breath and keeping your gums healthy by removing plaque buildup on them. If you're worried about having bad breath when meeting new people at your destination, try using mints or chewing gum instead of just mouthwash—they'll work much better than just spraying yourself in the face with something useless like Listerine!

Wet wipes and hand sanitizer can make you feel clean after sitting in an airplane seat for a long time, especially if it's an older aircraft with less-than-clean bathrooms.

A small bottle of hand sanitizer is also a good idea to keep in your bag. It's useful for cleaning both your hands and face, as well as other parts of your body after eating or using the bathroom on an airplane. Most airlines provide soap and water in their bathrooms, but if they don't—or you're worried about germs there—hand sanitizer is a great alternative that can be used anywhere.

A paperback book or magazine is a good way to spend some time if electronics are not available or charged up enough.

If you want to pass the time while waiting for your flight, a good book or magazine is a great option. You can read it on your smartphone, but the screen is small and uncomfortable for reading long stretches of text. You can also read it on an e-reader, but again, small screens are not ideal for this purpose. The best option is to use tablets; most have larger screens than smartphones or Kindles do and they allow you to change the font size so that it's easier to read.

Have the right items in your handbag for inflight comfort

  • Take a blanket. Blankets are easy to pack, and they’re not necessarily bulky. They’ll keep you warm and comfortable during your flight, but they can also serve as pillows in case your seatmate is snoring or if the airline gives away pillows that aren't very nice-feeling (which happens more often than it should).
  • Wear headphones or earbuds. If you're bringing a book on board with you, listening through headphones will help block out other noises so that the story remains uninterrupted. It'll also keep anyone around from hearing what's playing on your device—you don't want to give your seatmates any reason to suspect that their neighbor is listening to Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift (or worse).
  • Bring an extra jacket as well as some wet wipes in case of spills on yourself or others around you! If someone does spill something on themselves, just wipe off any liquid immediately with one of these handy little packets before putting on another layer of clothing underneath; otherwise bacteria will build up quickly due to moisture trapped between layers which could lead downgrading into serious illness later down the line like pneumonia leading up pneumonia which can be deadly depending how serious it gets without proper treatment due time being taken care sooner rather than later - better safe than sorry!

I hope you’ve found this guide to be helpful. It can be overwhelming to think about all the things you might have to pack for an international flight, but it can be made easier by keeping a few simple items on hand. I know I wish I had thought of some of these tips before my last flight abroad, so hopefully they come in handy!

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