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What's in your diaper bag?

weihanbag  July 19, 2022

When you're out and about with your baby, having the right things in your diaper bag can make life a little easier. Here are some items that I always have on hand in my diaper bag:

diapers - at least 10

Diapers are essential for any parent. If you're going to be out for a long time, it's a good idea to have more than 10 diapers in your bag.

If you're going close to 10 hours without a change, you might want even more!

baby wipes - two packs

When it comes to baby wipes, you can never have too many.

No matter what type of diaper bag you're using, there's a good chance that one of the first things you'll put inside is a pack of baby wipes. And with good reason: they're essential for cleaning up messes on the go and come in handy in so many other situations!

If your little one gets sick or starts teething early on, these packs are great for keeping their hands clean while they play—and they also make great makeshift bandages when needed. You'll want to keep at least two packs in your diaper bag at all times because accidents happen often and unexpectedly—and if you only bring one box with you when leaving home, chances are good that it will run out before your return trip home from wherever it was that took place. This way there won't be any last-minute panic about how much longer until next stop where there might be more supplies available (or worse yet—what if there isn't?).

changing pad

You need a changing pad. This will come in handy when you're out and about, but don't feel like using the floor as your baby's bed. When you find yourself in this situation, make sure that wherever you go has some form of clean surface—a table or countertop works well—and then put your kid down on it. The last thing you want while trying to change your child's diaper is something coming off and landing on them (or their brother), so make sure that whatever surface you use is waterproof and easy to clean.

Another important factor when choosing a changing pad is its portability; after all, if it doesn't fit into your diaper bag then it won't come with you wherever life takes the two of you! Look for one that folds up easily into a small size so that it doesn't take up much space in your bag and weighs little enough so as not to be cumbersome when carrying around everywhere else too (like parks or other outdoor spots). Also keep in mind how easy it'll be for others who may be helping out with diaper duty whenever necessary; some pads are made specifically for babies' bottoms while others can accommodate larger ones too (for example). Finally: consider storage options! Most parents have limited space available inside their homes after having kids since they tend toward clutter pretty quickly these days - which means storing items outside their homes often becomes necessary at some point during these early years before toddlers become preschoolers...which leads us right back around again - but if they've got big bulky things like changing pads lying around everywhere then finding room inside probably won't work either...so remember those storage requirements before making any purchases!

diaper rash cream

You should always use diaper rash cream as soon as you see signs of diaper rash. If you wait too long, the irritation will become more severe and the treatment will be more difficult. Also, it's important to use the right kind of product; make sure that your choice is designed to treat diaper rash. Other types of products are not intended for this purpose and may cause irritation or allergic reactions.

When applying ointments or creams:

  • Do not spread beyond where they're needed (especially into folds)
  • Avoid contact with sensitive areas such as eyes or mouth
  • Avoid getting them in cracks between fingers/toes

extra clothes for baby

  • Diapers, wipes and diaper cream.
  • A clean change of clothes for baby.
  • A clean change of clothes for mom (and dad).
  • A couple of extra sets of clothes should you need them. I keep these in a small plastic bin with my diaper bag so they’re accessible while we’re out and about — there are times when it’s not practical or safe to take off your shoes!

bibs or burp cloths

When you are out and about, there will be times when your baby spits up or otherwise makes a mess. Bibs are an excellent tool for keeping your baby clean, as they protect their clothes from any drool or food spills. Burp cloths can also be used in place of bibs if you want something that's less like a bib (and looks more like a cute accessory). They're useful for cleaning up messes, but they're also great for drying skin after baths and keeping babies warm during cold weather.

Here are some examples of what you might find in the diaper bag of an expert new mom:

change of clothes for mom and dad

In addition to diapers and wipes, your diaper bag should have a change of clothes for you and your partner. This can be a pair of dark sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt—something that is easy to put on, take off and wash without ruining.

You may also want a pair of socks or slippers if you plan to carry the baby around in your arms while he or she gets changed. You’ll be more comfortable if you wear something that is easy to pack when traveling as well as something comfortable when carrying around heavy items like your baby.

You’ll also need some form of entertainment for yourself—your phone or tablet will do just fine! And don’t forget about snacks! Your partner may not want one right away but once they get hungry they will definitely end up eating them anyway so it might as well be something healthy (and delicious) like applesauce pouches or air-popped popcorn from Trader Joe's which has less sodium than traditional microwave popcorn brands like Orville Redenbacher's .

hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes

You can't be too careful when it comes to the health of your baby. When you're out and about, your hands may come into contact with germy surfaces, so it's important that you keep them clean. A small travel-size bottle of hand sanitizer will help keep those germs at bay.

Antibacterial wipes are also a must-have for any diaper bag. They're great for cleaning up spills and surfaces that have been touched by dirty hands or food. You can use them on high chairs, tables and even toys in the stroller—anything that needs disinfecting quickly!

snacks and water bottles for kids who are old enough to eat solids

Snacks are a must for any child, but especially for kids who are old enough to eat solids. Snacks can be healthy, easy to eat and clean up, easy to store, and easy to transport.

  • Healthy: Make sure your snacks are healthy by choosing nutritious options such as fresh fruit or vegetables with dip. If you're not sure what foods are best for your kid (or yourself), consult with their pediatrician or dietitian about what types of snacks a baby should be eating at different ages.
  • Ease of eating: You want something that's not messy or difficult for your little one—especially if they've just started feeding themselves! Brownies will leave crumbs behind that require washing off hands before putting back in the diaper bag; goldfish crackers won't stick together like peanut butter does after being squished around in a pocketbook; carrots might make a big mess when dropped onto the floor next time someone bends over…the list goes on here!
  • Ease of cleanup: How long did it take you? Did anyone else have any input into helping out? Was there lots of complaining involved? If so then maybe consider another snack option next time around...
  • Storage space required: How much room do these snacks actually take up? Are they easy enough to store while traveling without taking up too much space (this could mean having several small containers instead).

toy or small book to entertain older kids during diaper changes

A toy or small book to entertain older kids during diaper changes is an easy way to keep your toddler occupied while you're changing their diaper. This will also help them to forget that they are being changed, making it easier on both of you! For example, if you are changing diapers at a friend's house and have arrived right before dinner time, consider bringing along something seasonal like a book about animals or one with pictures of food. If travelling in the car with your family on a long road trip, bring along some interactive books that teach colors or shapes as well as alphabet books for the older children in your group.

baby powder and lotion

You might also want to keep baby powder and lotion on hand. Baby powder helps prevent diaper rash by absorbing moisture, and baby lotion keeps skin soft and smooth. These products are often sold together in a package and can be used to help dry up an existing rash.

Having the right things in your diaper bag can make a long day out with a baby easier.

It's a safe bet that you'll be carrying around the same few items in your diaper bag as most other parents. These include diapers, wipes and some kind of changing pad (there are many options out there). It's also important to have a couple of changes of clothes for your baby, as well as plenty of snacks and water for yourself.

Other items that may be included in a diaper bag include pacifiers, toys and teething rings (or whatever else is on your kid's must-have list), medications or supplements like Tylenol or vitamins and a first-aid kit. You may also want to include hand sanitizer or other cleaning supplies if you think you'll need them during the day; for example, if you're traveling by plane with small kids who are prone to getting sick easily when exposed to different germs.

This list is not exhaustive, but it should give you an idea of what items to include in your diaper bag. It’s not necessary to pack every single one of these items every time, but having a few extras on hand can help make your day out with baby go more smoothly.

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