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What's the best bag for a two night stay?

weihanbag  July 19, 2022

There are three basic types of luggage: hardside, softside, and hybrid. Each type serves a different purpose and is ideally suited for certain trips. If you're packing for a two-night trip to somewhere close like the beach or ski resort, then you'll want a softside bag with wheels and lots of compartments. For international or cross-country travel where you might need more than two bags (and possibly even checked luggage), then it's best to bring along an all-around hybrid suitcase.


While softsided luggage is easier to pack and lighter than hardside, it’s not as durable or secure. If you’re traveling internationally, chances are you won’t want to risk your belongings in a softsided bag. Hardside bags are more expensive than their softside counterparts but they tend to be more durable and secure due to the material from which they are made. Hardside suitcases are also heavier than their softer counterparts, so keep this in mind when choosing one for your trip.

Hardside suitcases can be difficult to pack if you don’t plan ahead with packing cubes or other organizational products (such as shoe organizers). It also takes longer for airport security personnel to inspect these kinds of bags because there is more stuff packed inside them!


Softside bags are made from a lightweight fabric and usually have a zipper closure. They're easy to pack, carry and store, but also tend to be more expensive than hardside luggage.

Softside bags are the best option for shorter trips—like two nights or less—because they'll fit into any overhead compartment on an airplane (with the exception of smaller regional jets).

They can also be compressed to make them smaller when you're not using them, making them less cumbersome than hardside luggage in tight spaces like cars or buses.


If you want to travel light, but also bring along some soft-sided items and some hard-sided items, then a hybrid bag is the perfect choice for you.

Hybrid bags are a mix of hardside and softside in one bag. You can use them for both intercity (like driving or flying) and international travel (like taking a train).

That makes them great for people who like to travel light, but don't want to give up their comfort items like pillows or blankets while they're away from home!

The type of bag you want depends on what kind of travel you're doing. Softside and hybrid bags are best for intercity travel, while hardside is better suited to cross-country or international travel.

The type of bag you want depends on what kind of travel you're doing. Softside and hybrid bags are best for intercity travel, while hardside is better suited to cross-country or international travel.

Softsided bags offer more flexibility in terms of how they can be packed, but also tend to be more fragile than hardside luggage. Hybrid bags are a mix between softsided and hardsided bags and provide some of the best features from both categories. If you plan on traveling locally by plane or train, then a hybrid bag will likely be your best bet since it offers the most flexibility when it comes to packing items like clothing and toiletries that may not fit in your carry-on but need to come with you anyway (like your toothbrush). Hardside options are better suited for trips where durability is key—especially those involving checking larger pieces of luggage at the airport curb upon arrival so that they don't have to sit out overnight on their own—as well as long distance trips where weight needs to be kept down as much as possible so that overweight fees aren't incurred at check-in.

Whether you’re headed on an adventure or just staying in a hotel, there’s a bag out there that will meet your needs. The type of bag you choose is up to what kind of travel you want to do and the duration of your journey—but don’t worry! We have plenty of options so that no matter what it is, we can help you out.

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