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Where can I wholesale the handbags for small order in China

weihanbag  July 5, 2022

China have many city have the handbag market, and most of them good at handbag wholesale, you can contact with weihanbag to get samll order handbags.

Here are some city list about the handbag market.

Yiwu market

Yiwu Market is the largest market in the world. It has over 100,000 wholesale shops and many wholesale handbags shops as well. You can find a lot of handbag factories from this market. These are great factories that produce high quality products at very low prices because they want to sell their products to you! You will find that most of these factories will be able to produce what you need for your business at a better price than any other factory in China can offer because they have lower costs due to their large scale production and long-term relationships with suppliers and manufacturers across China.

Guangzhou market

Guangzhou is the biggest handbag market in China. Guangzhou covers an area of over 7,000 square kilometers, with a population of 12 million people. It is located in the south of China and has strong economic growth momentum. Guangzhou is a big city with many wholesale markets for all kinds of commodities, including garments and shoes. There are also many wholesalers who sell handbags at low prices here. If you want to purchase these bags at wholesale price, then you should visit this place!

Guangzhou is also known as Canton or Kwangchow (Canton) or China’s Pearl River Delta region: it's not only one of the most developed cities in China; but also one of its historical ones too! Founded more than 2000 years ago by Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi (the first emperor), Guangzhou has been throughout its long history both an important trading port as well as a major cultural center for Chinese arts - both traditional and modern alike!

Ningbo market

The Ningbo market is the second largest wholesale market in China. It's located on the east coast of China, which makes it very convenient for tourists from around the world to travel there. The Ningbo Market is a very popular destination for wholesale buyers from all over the world because they can find everything they need at very affordable prices. In addition to clothing and footwear products, you will also find many other types of goods such as jewelry, watches and bags.

The length of time needed by an international buyer to buy goods at this market depends on how much merchandise he wants to buy and how much time he wants or needs before making his purchases. You may want to consider renting an apartment if you plan on staying longer than one day so that your stay doesn't become too expensive!

Shanghai market

You can buy the handbags for small order from Yiwu market, Guangzhou market, Ningbo market and Shanghai market. They are all famous places for wholesale.

The price of the handbags is very cheap in these markets. You can easily find a lot of bags with high quality at a very low price.

The first handbag factory for small order is located in yiwu.

The first handbag factory for small order is located in yiwu, zhejiang province. Yiwu is the largest wholesale market in China and it has been the most famous place for handbags since long time ago. That’s why we chose this city as our base.

The history of yiwu’s handbag production goes back to 1940s when a few people from china's northeast provinces started their business here and they made bags with cotton fabric to sell them at local markets. After that, it developed rapidly until nowadays: there are more than 200000 shops selling all kinds of products such as clothes, shoes, toys and bags etc…

In conclusion, I would like to say that if you are interested in buying handbags wholesale for small order in China, I think it is important for you to know more details about the market.

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