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Which are the best travel cases / bags

weihanbag  July 5, 2022

When it comes to travel, you want a case that will protect your camera gear while also being lightweight. In this article, we'll cover some of the best travel cases on the market today and help you decide which one is right for you!

Hardside vs Softside

There are two main types of travel cases: hardside and softside. The difference between the two is that a hardside bag is made of a solid material, usually plastic or aluminum, while a softside bag has flexible sides to give it more flexibility and make it easier to carry.

Hardside bags have some advantages over softsides. They tend to be lighter in weight and offer more protection for your belongings; when you're traveling with heavy equipment such as cameras or laptops, this can be important. However, they also tend not to expand much if you need extra room in your case at any point during your trip—so if you're planning on buying some souvenirs on your travels (or just want some extra space for clothes), it may be better to get something more flexible like an expandable softside case instead—especially since those models tend to cost less than their hard-sided counterparts!

High quality materials

When it comes to choosing a bag, the materials it's made from are really important. You want something that's durable, but also lightweight and flexible enough to fit whatever gear you need to carry.

  • Durability: The durability of your bag will be determined by the quality of its materials. For example, some bags may have a nylon shell with vinyl accents, while others could use canvas or ballistic nylon instead of one or both of those options for more protection against wear and tear over time.
  • Water resistance: If you're going somewhere where rain is likely (or if you've already been there), then having a waterproof cover on top of your case is important so that nothing gets wet inside when it rains!
  • Impact protection: If accidents happen in transit—like bumping into things accidentally—having padding on all sides will help prevent any damage being done by those crashes landing directly onto hard surfaces inside the bag itself!

Locking mechanism

  • The locking mechanism should be easy to use. You don't want to be fumbling with a clunky lock, especially on the go.
  • A strong locking system is also important, but it shouldn't require too much effort from you. If your bag has a high-quality lock, it's less likely that someone will break into your suitcase when you're traveling on public transit or otherwise in an area with lots of potential for theft.
  • Finally, the lock should be easy enough for you to carry around wherever you go—even if that means just throwing it into another bag (and making sure nothing else goes missing).

Wheeled or un-wheeled

Wheeled bags are much easier to use. They allow you to pull the bag behind you, which is great for those who have mobility issues or who have a lot of heavy stuff in their bags. Wheeled bags also make it easier to navigate floors and stairs with luggage, especially when there's no elevator available! However, these features come at a price—wheeled bags are more expensive than non-wheeled varieties since they require more materials and manufacturing processes. Additionally, some people may find that wheeled luggage doesn't fit into tight spaces as easily as smaller un-wheeled options. Finally, since wheels take up space (and therefore weigh down your bag) it's important to remember that you'll probably need to pack lighter if using this type of case/bag than if opting for something without them (or just having wheels on one side).

What really matters is what works best for your needs and lifestyle!

Two wheels vs 4 wheels

If you are traveling to a place with rough terrain, then the four-wheeler is the way to go. Even though it might be more difficult to move around on a carpeted floor or in an airport, it’s worth it because 4 wheelers give you better control over your luggage while you transport it.

For example: if you are rolling down an escalator with your four-wheeler and someone bumps into you or accidentally steps on your baggage cart (which happens more often than you think), then this type of travel case will be less likely collapse like its two-wheeled counterpart would. It also makes going up and down stairs much easier since there isn’t as much surface area for balance issues when using one of these bags as opposed to two-wheels that may fall over when trying to roll them up from below or across from above respectively; however this doesn’t mean two wheels are completely useless - they do have some advantages which we'll discuss later!

Internal frame

Internal frame bags are the most popular way of transporting your gear. They help keep your bag's shape and protect your gear from banging around too much. The most common type of internal frame uses a metal or plastic rod that runs down the middle of the bag, with foam padding at each end to protect from impact. These rods can also be made from carbon fiber, which is lighter but less rigid than metal or plastic. Some internal frames have no cushioning at all, but offer other advantages such as being able to expand or contract depending on how full they are.

An example of an internal-frame camera bag is the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ (on sale now!).

Retractable handle

Retractable handles are a great feature to look for when considering any travel case or bag. They’re more comfortable to carry, easier to pack and can be used as a trolley! These features also make them more convenient and durable. The retractable handle is also compact so you can store it easily when not in use and secure, as there is no chance of it falling out accidentally.

A good travel case is lightweight and protects your camera gear.

Another important factor you should consider when choosing a travel case for your camera is that it needs to be lightweight, but durable. You don't want to lug around anything too heavy because then you won't have the energy or motivation to go shooting during your vacation!

Another important requirement for travelling with cameras is that the case must protect them from bumps, scratches and water.

This can be achieved by using high-quality materials such as aluminium or carbon fibre, which are both strong enough to withstand any kind of impact while remaining lightweight at the same time. The best cases will also come with weatherproofing features such as waterproof zippers and seals around their openings so that even if something does get wet inside there will be no damage done from condensation forming inside (which could happen if there were no protection against humidity).

Finally another requirement for a good travel case would be its easy portability; this means finding one that fits into overhead bins on airplanes or buses without taking up too much room so you're not forced into checking your luggage at every stop along the way!


For the best travel case, you should look for something that is lightweight but sturdy, with a locking mechanism and wheels. You should also consider whether or not you want a retractable handle or two-wheeled vs four-wheeled model. In addition to these factors, it’s important to find something that fits all of your camera gear and electronics while being easy to carry around!

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