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Why do most women have messy purses

weihanbag  July 1, 2022

I get it. I'm a woman, and I have a purse. It's big enough to fit my wallet, keys, sunglasses (and case), phone charger, lip balm and other random beauty products. The problem is that once you start adding things like mascara or deodorant or hair ties into this list... well, your purse just gets messy fast. And then when you need something important like your wallet or phone while at the airport or grocery store? Good luck! You'll have to dig through everything else before finding what you need.

It's all about what's in there.

Women's purses are not just bags. They're tools of the trade, bibles and reference guides for the modern woman. When we look at them this way, it's easy to see why they have so much stuff in them: they aren't just carrying our phones and wallets anymore; they're carrying everything from makeup to moisturizer to snacks to painkillers.

Why do most women have messy purses? Because it's all about what's in there!

You can't remember the last time you cleaned it out.

You don't have time.

You don’t have the right tools.

Your closet isn’t organized, so you might as well not bother with your purse.

You don't know what to throw away and what to keep, which makes cleaning out your purse a stressful experience that leads to more clutter rather than less.

You use your purse to put all kinds of things, not just your wallet and phone.

Another reason why purses tend to be messy is because women put a lot of things in them. There are so many uses for them, they can be used as a wallet, makeup bag, lunch bag, gym bag or purse. You can use your purse as a storage solution or an organizing tool as well as something to carry all your stuff around in when traveling.

This means you will have far more items than men do in their pockets and wallets because women often need to carry much more than men with them at all times. The average woman has over 20 items in her purse on any given day - from keys and cell phones to lipsticks and hand sanitizer wipes!

Your purse is a bit of a black hole.

It’s dark, it’s hard to see inside and it’s hard to find things in there. The contents of your purse are constantly shifting as you move from location to location; sometimes they shift on their own because they fall out or roll down the side. Your purse may contain items that belong in another bag and some that should never have been brought along at all (unless you regularly carry around an emergency pair of scissors).

Your handbag can become quite disorganized if you don't go through it regularly—and even more so if you don't have proper organization methods for keeping everything neat and orderly within its depths. If there's one thing women know how to do well, it's pack stuff into their purses! That being said, this can lead us astray when we're trying to find something specific like our keys or phone charger at the end of a long day—or we simply want something light enough for us not having any extra weight pulling us down while walking around during our errand runs.

All the junk in your bag makes it difficult to find the things you need, but that junk is also useful! There are ways to organize your purse without sacrificing its many uses.

  • Keep your purse clean.
  • Organize your purse with a system.

The most important thing to remember when organizing your purse is that everyone's bag is different, and no two systems will work for everyone. You may be able to find some ideas on this list that you like, but it's better to come up with something specific for yourself than to try out something you saw online or in the store without knowing if it'll actually work for you!

So, what's the takeaway? Your purse is a tool for getting through your day. It's not just an accessory; it's an essential part of your life. If you're looking to cut down on its messiness and organize your bag, it can be done—but don't try to make all the changes at once! Start small, and take it slow. Over time, though, you'll find yourself with more time in your day as well as more room in that cluttered space we call home base: the inside of our bags...

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